Wimberley Crisis Bread Basket Volunteer Information

Volunteers are essential to keep our program running and to fulfill our mission to our neighbors-in-need.

Every year since 1986, volunteers have assisted our community by receiving and distributing food to individuals and families in need, providing Thanksgiving meals, supporting student summer food options, and befriending our neighbors who are experiencing difficult times. 

Crisis Bread Basket Volunteer Services

Wimberley Crisis Bread Basket is an entirely volunteer run endeavor. Volunteers serve in a variety of roles and accomplish a multitude of tasks such as enrolling new clients, distributing food to clients, receiving food donations, procuring food from grocery stores, stocking shelves, cleaning and maintaining the pantry, assisting with community food drives and picking up donated food from churches. 

As a volunteer, you can expect:

  • An orientation to your responsibilities
  • A safe and discrimination free environment

As a volunteer, you agree to:

  • Be friendly and courteous to clients and other volunteers
  • Provide notice of planned absences
  • If a volunteer experiences or witnesses harassment, the volunteer should report the incident immediately to the shift lead. 
  • Respect and handle client information appropriately.

Client Information

The Wimberley Crisis Bread Basket believes that client information is to be respected and not shared inappropriately.  This includes information that the client shares in order to receive services, the number of visits, or personal information that a client may share in conversation with a volunteer. 

Volunteer Application Form